Bertans learning post defense from Tim Duncan

Duncan Bertans (Photo via Spurs Facebook)

Outside of the playing time he got versus Chicago, San Antonio Spurs' Davis Bertans hasn't received much time on the floor this season.

But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to hone his craft in practice and during a recent team practice he got the learn from the best - Spurs icon Tim Duncan.

The two were spotted working one-on-one in the paint with Duncan giving ample directions.

When asked his recent on-the-court lessons from Duncan, Bertans said, “He gave me some tips on post defense, you can always improve on that one. It was definitely a big help and I’m going to try and implement that on the court when I get a chance.”

Davis is known for his offensive prowess. He can light it up from deep, finish at the rim and run the floor all at 6'10".

Not bad for a guy his height but adding some post defense to his arsenal would be a huge boost for his all around game. His length would only add another dimension for the Spurs' defense to go with LaMarcus Adridge's interior defense and Danny Green's perimeter defense. Not to mention the defense Kawhi Leonard will bring once he comes back.

"One thing is being in the game no matter what, even if I’m on the bench, I try to support the team like that," Bertans said. "Also spending a little extra time on the court in the gym and the weight room.”

With the added defensive lessons from one of the best to ever play in San Antonio, hopefully Bertans will get a chance to put them to use as the season rolls on.

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