All I want for Christmas is an NFL catch

SBG San Antonio

Call me Scrooge, but it's the NFL's fault. We gotta fix some things and let's start with "what's a catch."

Jesse James of the Pittsburgh Steelers caught a ball period. He possessed it, controlled it to the ground when his knee touched. He then made a separate move to extend it over the plane. By any other standard, that's the end of the story. Touchdown no matter if it comes loose after that.

Except that's not the rule. It must survive the ground. Heck, we are an NBA city. If you catch an alley-oop pass. That's one move then turn and dunk it. That's another. It proves you had control. It makes no sense.

The rule has got to be changed.

Then there's Gene Steratore. He's the guy who first robbed Dez Bryant of the catch in Green Bay. Now he's the guy who decided the best way to measure for a first down was to pull a folded note card out of his, well back pocket. Keyword: Folded. So if it's not folded, is it Raiders ball? No matter who got the call, it made the NFL look like Bozo's.

What kind of technology is this? For the record, they got it wrong. Plenty of space even with the fold over, Raiders ball. No matter who benefited, that's a joke.

Nevermind that the chain and two sticks was invented before indoor plumbing. Seriously?

We need lasers on a grid. Sensors in the ball, like the technology in tennis or timing in the Olympics.

Sticks and chains and folded cards? In the richest league in the world, it's unacceptable.

That's my point. Let's hear yours @DonHarris4 on Twitter.

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