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Texas was ranked the #1 driving state. Here's which states are the worst.

Traffic and car

In a day and age where nine people are killed every day in the U.S. as a result of distracted driving, it’s more important than ever to take extra care when behind the wheel. But just because you drive with caution doesn’t mean the people you share the roads with will do the same.

WalletHub.com, a personal finances website, compiled data to determine which states had the best and the worst drivers and driving conditions. Using factors like driver safety, access to vehicles and maintenance, traffic and infrastructure, and cost of ownership and maintenance, the WalletHub.com team evaluated each state from best to worst—and The Lone Star State came out on top.

Texas ranked in the top five for things like “Fewest Days with Precipitation, “Lowest Average Gas Prices” and “Most Car Washes Per Capita.”

Below are the three worst states to drive in:

Maryland. The state may be known for crab cakes and lacrosse, but their drivers are notoriously bad, according to the data. What caused The Old Line State to drop so far down on the list? Mostly high levels of rush hour traffic and the “traffic indiscipline” category, which measures incidents due to poor behavior (phone use, speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, and poor turning).

Washington. While Washington is a beautiful state to visit and drive through, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to do so. The Evergreen State has some of the highest average gas prices. And in another compilation of driving statistics, Washington was ranked poorly due to “passive and inattentive” drivers (locals say the influx of transplants is to blame).

Hawaii. You might want to stick to surfing when visiting the Aloha State. With high precipitation rates, fewest auto repair shops, highest auto maintenance and gas prices, Hawaii is not driver-friendly. Another collection of data reported that Hawaii also has a higher number of road-raged drivers.

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