Producer Picks - National Hispanic Heritage Month

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National Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 through October 15. There are tons of beautiful products from Central and South America that also give back to great causes. Here are a few of those products in our Producer Picks.

This richly detailed statment print captures the intricately textured appearance of hand-loomed, vitage Guatemalan textiles for an eye-catching, bohmeian look. Each purchase helps Guatemalan children recieve education.

Corc Yoga
Strike the perfect pose with Corc Yoga Mats. Crafted from 100% organic cork gently harvested in Portugal, these earth-conscious, chemical-free mats combine raw beauty with comfort. Every time you use your Corc Yoga Mat you're working to improve your mind, body and health. Each purchase is also helping others find their balance because the company donates a portion of its sales to organizations working to solve the mental health crisis in Portugal.

Vines Islandwear
Female founders Liz and Michelle launched the Vines Islandwear Original collection in 2018 and are already creating a buzz! Vines are hand assembled with care by the Vines team in Leon, Mexico, and each sole is made with a blend of recycled tire rubber infused with a light tropical coconut smell to bring the island to your feet, wherever you may roam!
While we do employ men, our goal - and that of Mauricio's - is to hire as many women as we can as we continue to grow our team. We even take supplies to some women in their homes (one has a handicapped son, and can not work outside of her home), so that they can work with/for us. It's important to us that we hire experienced, positive people no matter what gender or circumstance, but we expand our outreach to be more diverse/inclusive.

These high-quality, beautiful blankets made of a blend of alpaca and synthetic materials are functional works of art. They'll keep you warm on chilly nights and give your room style that speaks volumes about the person you are. Hand-crafted by artisans in Ecuador, Ecuadane blankets celebrate the customs and traditions of Ecuadorian villagers. Each purchase helps support the craftsmen and their families.

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