Let go of your addiction; contact SOBA now

SOBA TEXAS: Text or Call (210) 727-2692

SAN ANTONIO - If you or someone you know has been going through a rough time due to the overuse of alcohol or drugs, give SOBA a call and make the first step to recovery. You can overcome your battle with addiction with their individualized plan made specifically for you. There is always somewhere to get help, and Daniel Baldwin, Tara Conner, Greg Hannley and Alex Draghici from SOBA shares the latest on the effort to provide more treatment to people affected by opioid addiction.

SOBA is right here in San Antonio, and is only a text or a call away. Get the help you need now, and trust that SOBA can help you get to where you want to be. See below for more information...

Text or Call: (210) 727-2692
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