Cake purchased at ice cream shop "tasted like chemicals," says San Antonio mom

Baskin Robins ice cream cake (Photo courtesy: Jennifer Bunch)

A local mom says the ice cream cake she bought for her daughter was tainted by chemical fumes, a claim that was later confirmed by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department.

Jennifer Bunch says the cake, which she purchased at the Baskin Robbins ice cream shop at I-10 and De Zavala Road didn't taste right, adding, "It tasted like a chemical, not quite soap, but definitely some sort of a chemical taste, it's hard to explain in any other way."

She got a refund, but later realized there may have been a bigger issue when she saw a post on the Nextdoor app, warning parents about the same ice cream cakes. The post stated the store had admitted to using a stripping chemical on the floors and that while the ice cream was thrown out, the cakes were not and they may have been contaminated.

We reached out to Metro Health and they e-mailed us this statement:

The floors were stripped with some chemical. The fumes were exposed to the ice cream so our sanitarian had management throw out all the ice cream.

Baskin Robbins released this statement when we asked about the tainted cake claims:

At Baskin-Robbins, food safety is a top priority and nothing is more important to us than operating clean and safe restaurants. We have stringent food safety and quality standards and we take great pride in the food and beverages served to our guests every day. We take matters such as this one very seriously. Upon learning of this report, we contacted the franchisee who owns and operates this location and we are investigating the incident and confirming all food safety and quality standards are being followed.

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