What we know about the Austin bombing suspect

(Photo: Austin Community College)

Just who was the 23-year-old young man who managed to stay a step ahead of investigators for three terrifying weeks? News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila looked into the background of Mark Anthony Conditt.

Conditt had virtually no presence on social media, unusual for a young person today.

One of the few pictures of him, is from his mother's Facebook page in 2013 when she wrote:

"I officially graduated Mark from high school on Friday. 1 down, 3 to go. He has 30 hours of college credit too, but he's thinking of taking some time to figure out what he wants to do... Maybe a mission trip."

That college credit was from Austin Community College which listed Conditt as a student. However, he did not graduate. Conditt’s major was Business Administration. The college district says he was in good academic standing when he left in 2012.

Conditt worked for some time at an engineering and design company in Pflugerville called Crux Manufacturing. But Governor Greg Abbott says Conditt was unemployed when he started his bombing spree.

“There's no way to understand this. None whatsoever," said Jeff Reeb, a neighbor who says his grandkids used to play with Conditt growing up.

“The kids were always great, I can't say enough good things," said Reeb.

He says he's known the Conditt family since they moved into the neighborhood about 17 years ago.

In 2012 someone calling himself Mark Conditt posted a bio as part of a government class at Austin Community College. He described himself as "not politically inclined, but he viewed himself as conservative.” And that he liked: cycling, parkour, tennis, reading, listening to music.

He posted views on topics such as the death penalty: "Living criminals harm and murder, again. Executed ones do not,” he wrote.

And on abortion: "… if a women (sic) does not want a baby, or is incapable of taking care of one, she should not participate in activities that were made for that reason."

But investigators don't yet know what turned the quiet, introverted drop out into the cunning bomb maker seen wearing a wig and gloves in security video from a FedEx store. A man capable of successfully hiding deadly intentions from the world and even those closest to him.

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