Trouble Shooters help grieving mother hit with incorrect parking violation at courthouse


    It's been a complaint for years: crime victims and jurors hit with parking violations while inside the Bexar County Courthouse. It happened to a grieving mother already devastated by the murder of her only child.

    She went to News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila for help.

    “I was very blessed to be her mother and I'm devastated without her. I can't quit crying, it's a year and a half later and I fall apart in stores. So, I mostly stay at home and don't go anywhere or do anything," said Aletta Holloway.

    One place Holloway cannot avoid going is the Bexar County Justice Center, where prosecutors are preparing to try the man accused of murdering her only daughter, Allie Marie.

    The 22-year old was beaten and strangled in her apartment last year. Her boyfriend, Orlando Valdez Jr., is charged with the crime.

    This past July Aletta parked in a private lot near the courthouse to meet with prosecutors. On top of her grief, Aletta says she suffers from a brain impairment that can make it difficult to focus.

    “I'm just totally distraught and stuff. I get, overwhelmed and my brain starts messing up," Aletta told us.

    In her emotional state Aletta says she struggled to read the lengthy instructions at the parking lot kiosk.

    But she managed to pay for a space using her credit card.

    Problem is she forgot to place the receipt on the dashboard of her car, like the instructions tell you to.

    “I did not look at the receipt, I just put it in my bag and went into the DA's office. Then when I came out I had a notice on my windshield saying I didn't pay and there was a $75 fine," Aletta said.

    Even though Aletta had a time-stamped receipt, she says LAZ Parking told her she still had to pay the fine.

    So, Aletta called the Trouble Shooters, and we called up LAZ Parking. Once we explained the circumstances to management, they sent us a statement.

    "LAZ Parking would like to thank the News 4 Trouble Shooters for calling our attention to Mrs. Holloway's situation. After consultation with the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, who confirmed Mrs. Holloway's appointment, special needs, and the loss of her daughter, Allie Marie, LAZ Parking has voided the citation. We express our sincerest condolences to the Holloway family for the loss of Allie Marie and are saddened by the story of her passing."

    LAZ Parking has also offered to give Aletta free parking by the courthouse until her court case is finished, saying they hope it will make a trying time a little easier.

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