Some homeowners experiencing property tax refund delays

SBG San Antonio

You have to pay your property taxes on time or face big penalties. But if you're entitled to a refund you could face months of delays. The hold-up is affecting thousands of home owners.

They are due refunds because they either overpaid their taxes or weren't given credit for an exemption. The News 4 Trouble Shooters were contacted by an air force veteran who has been waiting since may for his refund. We went to the tax assessor's office to find out why.

Damian Mair's mortgage company overpaid his property taxes by more than $3,000. He applied for a refund in May and it still hasn't arrived. Mair says first he was told 60 days, then 90 days, then 90 business days.

“That's frustrating not knowing what time, if they had told me concretely they have a deadline at this time for them to get it, I think I would feel better," Damian said.

The Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collectors Office told us refunds the size of Damian's take longer.

Because under the tax code refunds over $2,500 must be approved by the county auditor. Then they must be approved by the commissioners court by a vote. That process can take nine weeks or longer.

On top of that, we learned a mistake was made. For some reason, Damian's application was overlooked from May all the way until August when he called to complain.

Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti was not able to comment on camera today, but his spokesperson told us: “He definitely wants to find out who dropped the ball. From May to August was too long. We know people want their money we want to give it to them as fast as we can," said Chief Deputy of Administration Lisa Anderson.

“That would be nice, Christmas is coming and that would be extra cash to have," Mair said.

The assessor's office says they are trying to get Damian's refund approved at the next commissioners court meeting on October 17th. They say they processed close to 25,000 refunds during the fiscal year that just ended last month.

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