City monitoring vibrations from San Pedro Creek construction project

Here we have more machines that the city has been using for the construction project (News 4 San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - For 15 months work crews have been pounding away at rock and soil to widen San Pedro Creek into a linear park with walls and walkways.

Lydia Garza says the non-stop noise and rumbling has been difficult to live with for tenants in the Soap Works Apartments, which run alongside the creek.

"Oh, it felt like an earthquake that was going on in there because of all the machinery," said Garza.

"The noise was horrible and the vibration was so bad."

She said she worries about the constant shaking that might damage the building where she's lived for six years.

"You think maybe the building is coming down."

The construction company doing the work installed nine seismic monitors next to buildings around the project to detect vibrations strong enough to cause damage.

"We haven't encountered any vibrations that would cause any negative impacts to structures," said San Antonio River Authority Project Engineer Kerry Averyt.

Averyt says vibrations have so far stayed within safe levels for the surrounding buildings, but if that changes, it has a plan.

"We'll stop the activity that's causing the vibrations then we'll reassess and find a better way to do that construction, so that we don't cause any vibrations that will harm the structures," said Averyt.

The authority says it is pretty routine to set up monitors like this. It says tenants like Lydia Garza should feel safe, but they will have to put up with construction noise for several more months.

"Some noises you cannot ignore and it is terrible," said Garza.

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