Judge rules Schwartz Farms animals suffered cruelty

(SBG San Antonio)


A judge has ruled that the animals suffered cruelty.

The horses will stay at the Meadow Haven Place Horse Rescue in Smiley, Texas. Both sides have agreed on a cost for reimbursement -- that amount is undisclosed.


Horses found malnourished and neglected were seized from an east side farm on July 7, 2015 after a Trouble Shooters investigation.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office removed 48 animals from Schwartz Farms after a veterinary report confirmed what they had been investigating.

Several witnesses were called to testify in the Precinct 4 court Tuesday afternoon.

Among the witnesses was the lead investigator for the Bexar County Sheriff's Office who detailed reasons the county asked the judge for a warrant to take the horses.

Horse farrier, Brandon Roger also took the stand, testifying about what he observed when he treated horses at Schwartz Farms in 2016.

He remembered one horse in particular name George that he recalled being in bad shape.

"The first time I came out, I was very distressed because he had a wide open hole on the side of his hip, what looked like beef jerky and it was dried muscle fiber," Roger said.

The third witness brought a stack of medical records, testifying on the health issue of each of the 48 animals removed from the farm.

The judge stated the hearing would take longer than anticipated, but also that he wanted to stay until a decision was reached.

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