Former Emergency Services District official pleads guilty to theft


    He was put in charge of emergency services for much of Bexar County, now that once-powerful official has pleaded guilty to Theft by Public Servant.

    Gil Perez was an administrator for several ESD's and was board president of ESD 2 in Northwest Bexar County. The district attorney's office says he admitted to a scheme that defrauded taxpayers.

    Gil Perez was in control of millions of tax payer dollars to be used for fire protection and EMS. We began tracking his case in 2015, when ESD employees first reported financial irregularities. Some claimed Perez ordered them to manufacture phony receipts to turn in for reimbursements.

    When we first tried to talk to him back then Perez had no comment.

    Investigators searched his home and eventually he was indicted in 2017. Prosecutors accused Perez of misusing government funds, improperly reimbursing himself, and making credit card payments for personal use.

    Perez pleaded guilty to one charge of Theft by Public Servant. Under the agreement he could receive 10 years’ probation and must pay back just shy of $150,000.

    News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila went by Perez's home again Wednesday, but he wouldn't open the door or make any comment.

    Because of his case county commissioners increased oversight at the ESD's, where previously there had been very little accountability.

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