City limits travel, paid leave after Trouble Shooters investigation into pension fund


SAN ANTONIO - Some new developments Friday after our investigation on the fire and police pension fund.

Our original report uncovered trustees who still work for the police and fire department took at least 105 trips since 2015 to places like Key West and Hong Kong. The travel was paid for by the Fund which contains pension money contributed by police and firefighters for their retirement and your tax dollars.

“I want to thank you for actually bringing this information to our attention. We were not aware that they were traveling as extensively as they were," said San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley.

Sculley tells us the three trustees also received 180 days of paid administrative leave, and the city didn't know it was for travel because the requests submitted by the pension fund only stated "…in order to conduct business on behalf of the Fire and Police Pension Fund."

As a result of our story trustees who work for the city will only be allowed to travel for 40 hours a year, and the requests will have to be more specific about why the trip is necessary.

“This is about protecting the taxpayers because when these employees are away from the city doing this travel we have to backfill those positions," Sculley said.

Pension Fund Board Chairman, J.T. Trevino, who went on many of those trips, sent a statement saying: "The change to the leave policy impairs trustees' ability to fulfill their fiduciary duties to the fund. The new policy has already prevented us from conducting due diligence on potential investments and if it remains in place, it will ultimately harm the fund's performance."

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