City and Centro conducting concurrent audits on 260k embezzlement scandal

Centro San Antonio was at the center of a discussion at Tuesday's meeting of the Audit and Accountability Committee.

Committee Chairman and District 9 Council Member John Courage said the city and Centro are each conducting an audit after the alleged embezzlement of 260 thousand dollars from Centro SA during the 2015-2016 budget year.

"We have an ongoing audit at this time, a forensic audit that's really looking at every document going back for 3 years now to make sure that all the accountability is there for the city funds," Courage said.

Centro's partnership has a dual purpose partnership with the city.

They have a contract to handle maintenance and improvement services like street sweeping and graffiti clean up, which is all taxpayer funded.

Centro SA also helps with city promotion and networking.

These services are funded by downtown private member businesses.

Courage said the missing money was taken from the member money, not the taxpayer funds.

"I think the morale unfortunately has been a little defeated, but I can tell you that the work of Centro has been good," said District 1 Council Member, Roberto Trevino.

Trevino does not think the city has lost any support from member businesses as a result of the missing money.

Priority for the city at this point is getting both audits completed and reviewed.

"There's going to be many things that'll come back as recommendations as to how we can better manage Centro," Trevino said.

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