Breaking down the cost of the new rainbow crosswalk

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Last week San Antonio City Council members voted unanimously to repaint the crosswalk at the intersection of North Main and East Evergreen in rainbow colors in honor of LBGT pride. At the time, the city said the crosswalk needed to be repainted anyway and it wouldn’t spend any more taxpayer money than it usually would for the standard paint job. News 4 San Antonio asked for documentation showing that, but after days of searching records the city couldn’t find any.

The city says the total cost for the rainbow crosswalk is $32,500. But most of that, $19, 832, will be covered by a private donation from Pride San Antonio. The city will pay the rest, $12, 668, which it says is the standard replacement cost for a normal crosswalk.

News 4 San Antonio asked the city if that’s the same price it paid the last time it did the markings on that corner, but the city says it found no record of the previous cost. In fact, it can’t say just when that crosswalk was last repainted.

It appears it may have been redone sometime in 2014 as part of a larger street maintenance project and that crosswalk markings typically last between three and five years.

So, where did the city come up with its estimate of $12,668 for the average crosswalk?

Here’s the breakdown they gave to News 4 San Antonio:

$760 to eliminate the existing pavement markings.

$8,368 for the lines.

$1,800 for a uniformed police officer.

$1, 740 for sealer.

The city says even if it could locate the exact date and cost of the last paint job it would be irrelevant because new standards require improved, high-contrast markings. So, the current price tag is all that matters.

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