Committee accepts follow-up audit of San Antonio police program

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus listens to the city's audit committee present its findings. (News 4 San Antonio)

The city of San Antonio's Audit and Accountability Committee accepted a follow-up audit today of a San Antonio Police Department program that allows officers to work private events.

That program has used 2 million of your tax dollars to cover the cost over the past two years. The San Antonio Police Department says it's making changes to stop that from happening.

In 2015, a city audit first revealed big losses in the program, which allows officers to work "second jobs," providing security at private events held at city owned location like La Villita and the Alamodome.

The department has implemented six of the seven recommendations made in the audit.

But the seventh, replacing sworn officers who are performing administrative tasks with civilian personnel, has only been "partially implemented." This has resulted in city losses of $933,000 in 2015 and more than $1,100,000 in 2016.

"A couple of suggestions at the table were to hire different police departments, to look at the cost of the security, so we'll take a look at all those different things and see what we can come up with," said San Antonio police Chief William McManus.

Even with some changes the city is still expected to lose more than $750,000 this fiscal year.

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