Zero gravity chair lets nail customers sit back and relax

SBG San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO -- Going to the spa or to get your nails done is supposed to be relaxing experience but that's probably not always the case. Now there is salon chair that’s designed to put your body in total relaxation mode while you get your nails done.

Mason Hickman, the Spa Experience Manager at Hiatus at the Pearl, told us the chairs they use for the nail services were designed for something out of this world. He said in the 1980’s NASA took astronauts to Skylab, and they wanted to see what posture the body naturally assumed in a zero gravity environment and they came up with the neutral body posture concept.

So instead of the experience you get from a regular nail salon chair, Hickman said this will be much more of an isolating experience. In fact, he said don't be surprised if you wake up and your nails are done.

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