Wrong Way Driver Technology Making Major Progress

SBG San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO -- Every traffic related death is tragic but those involving wrong way drivers seem all the more heartbreaking.

TxDOT told us between 2010 and 2014 an average of 237 wrong way crashes happened per year with half resulting in fatalities.

But now come cutting edge technology is aiming to stop what seems to be a growing problem.

Donna McCain has felt the pain of a wrong way driver crash for close to decade.

On August 21st of 2009 she and her husband Mark lost their only daughter, Meagan, in a wrong driving crash.

The woman that veered into Meagan's lane just aside of Amarillo also died in the crash.

Now two types of technology are being developed at the Southwest Research Institute to try and stop wrong way drivers.

The first uses cameras and is ready to be deployed now.

The other is more high tech and involves wireless roadside sensors and well as g-p-s and other technology being activated in vehicles.

The connected vehicle technology is still a year or more away from being ready.

But the progress being made is promising.

In the meantime another type of wrong way driver technology has just been installed locally and is now operational.

Txdot said this system involves three radar units and one camera at each ramp.

Currently it is in place on Hwy 90 from I-35 to Loop 410.

As for Donna McCain, she hopes this technology works so other families don't have to live with the pain she has had to endure.

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