Tech-savvy thieves found new way to break into your car

    SBG San Antonio

    SAN ANTONIO - Thieves have found a new way to break into your car without smashing a window.

    As News 4's Michael Garofalo reports, the device costs under $20 online.

    "Criminals purchase the device on line for 17 bucks, then gain access to people's cars whenever they want," said Ginger Burke. "When you're sleeping you know, 200 feet away from your car, there's people out here running around every night."

    In her neighborhood, tech-savvy thieves are using a special device to unlock and drive off in cars and trucks with keyless-entry FOBs and push button starters.

    The Boxy Device called a "relay attack" is about the size of your smartphone and captures electronic signals from your car's key FOB.

    Smart keys are most at risk because they constantly send a signal.

    "They grab the code from devices used to open vehicles or garage doors, storing them and using them at a later time," Burke said.

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