Tech Awards Take Center Stage at SXSW


SAN ANTONIO -- One of the highlights of South by Southwest is showcasing the latest and greatest in innovative technology.

The theme of this week's 21st Annual Interactive Innovation Awards was recognizing outstanding tech developments in the connected world.

Jacquard by Google and their collaboration with the Levi Straus Company took home the wearable technology award at SXSW this week

Examples they gave were using the technology while riding a bike or snowboardning when either a text comes in or you want to listen to music,

Dan kaufman, Google's head of advanced technology projects, said the idea is to be present in your life and connect when you want to.

In the Smart Cities category, the illumination of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge along the Montreal skyline began as a collaborative effort by 7 design firms to celebrate the city's 375

anniversary in 2017.

It’s now being called the most connected bridge in the world.

And in New York City's Time Square where you see the world's first 3-d robotic billboard.

Space 150 took honors in the Responsive Design category for the Coca Cola billboard.

Finally - in the Student category how about a solution to blood shortages with the help of bots.

Ryan Leckie says the idea for Facebook Messenger Blood Type Bots came from a scary real life incident involving his partner.

He said he collapsed in his kitchen, starting hemoraging from his brain and the local hospital was out of his blood type.

In all there were 14 innovative technology categories regognized at this year SXSW.

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