Principal locks up students' cell phones

Smartphone (MGN Online)

(WCVB) Students at a school in Boston are more attentive in class and more engaged with classmates since the principal launched a program to lock up cell phones.

Principal DeOtis Williams, Jr. said he noticed an increase among students using their cell phones over the years. At the beginning of this year, he decided to implement a new program which requires students to turn off their phones and place them in pouches that then get locked up for the day. At the end of the school day, the students' phones are returned.

"We noticed in previous years that there has been an increase of cell phone use, cyberbullying, using phones in class under the table. They are more engaged in cell phones than being in the present moment," said Williams to media outlet WCVB.

Teachers said they've noticed an improvement in students' attentiveness and they support the program.

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