Going Old School When It Comes To Your Gym


SAN ANTONIO -- Not too far from Del Rio's main drag, on the edge of a non-descript neighborhood, sits a business that might bring you back in time.

Even though the Albert Fuentes owned and run gym has only been around for 8 years now, once inside you will soon realize it is some akin to a meat and potatoes meal. It's very simple and basic but has all the elements to allow you to get the job done.

Inside you will find members getting down to business with free weights, machines and cardio. What you won't find is air conditioning, televisions or a juice bar.

But for the type of work out enthusiasts you find at "The Gym" that doesn't matter.

Fuentes told News4 SA that his interest in working out came from his mother.

He said a few decades ago she came within 1 pound of setting a new world record in the dead lift.

Today you will still find her working out and still doing dead lifts at age 75.

And for those really hard core work out types they can access "The Gym" 24/7.

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