First Responders In Windcrest To Test New Alert System

SBG San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO --One local city's police and fire department are taking part in the beta testing of some cutting edge technology that aims to keep their people safe.

City of Windcrest Police Chief Al Ballew and some of his officers are now wearing a mobile sensor distress notification system that comes in the form of a Garmin heart rate monitor.

Sal Castillo is founder and president of San Antonio based Heartsync. The company received a patent for the biometrically activated system in January of 2017.

The biometric software company has been developing and testing their “SAFER” product for 3 years.

It triggers a warning when an officer or fire fighter's heart rate goes above or below a previously determined threshhold.

Castillo said he developed Heartsync's SAFER product because he has felt police and fire fighters are under appreciated and he wants to help keep them safe.

As for the Windcrest Police Department, the chief says he hopes the have more officers using the system by the end of the year.

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