Apple Decides To Give Users More Control Over Battery Life

SAN ANTONIO -- After taking heat for intentionally slowing the performance of some iPhone batteries so they would last longer Apple has a new iOS update out.

And this will give many iPhone users more control.

Owners of most iPhone 6's and newer devices will now be able disable a feature that slows down their iPhone to prevent a sudden shutdown.

To get to the new feature go to Settings and then Battery.

There you’ll find a new topic called Battery Life Suggestions.

You will then see the “new” Battery Health.

The verbage there explains that batteries become less effective with age, including its maximum capacity and peak performance.

That information should also let you know if it’s time to for your battery to be replaced.

Now I have an iPhone8 that is less than 6 months old. It says my maximum capcity is 99 percent. Essentially my phone is operating as it should.

And then under “Peak Performance Capability” it tells me that my battery is operating under "normal peak performance."

If I had an iPhone 6 or 7 my battery performance would likely not be optimal and there could be a chance I might want to consider replacing my battery.

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