Another Option To Deal With Pain


SAN ANTONIO -- Dealing with back and leg pain , for some people, is an ongoing problem. The answer can be medication like opiods. Others opt for surgery.

However, there is now another option that is less invasive than surgery and possibly more effective.

It's called the Nevro HF-10.

Janice Dodd, who has suffered from back and leg pain for decades, recently started using one and is now essentially pain free.

The fairly recently FDA approved device stimulates the spinal chord by using a high frequency to reduce pain signals to the brain from the back and legs thus reducing the suffering.

For Janice the Nevro HF-10 has completely changed her life.

She used to not be able to go shopping for more than 15 minutes at a time. Now she can go for hours.

Most insurance should cover much of the cost of the device, depending on your deductible and your plan.

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