A personal protection device worth a look

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SAN ANTONIO -- When it comes to personal protection most of us have heard of people using mace or pepper spray. Some have even used a flashlight or blinking light to try and distract an attacker. But how about a device that has all of that and much more?

The Defense Alert Device by Tigerlight is touted as the first non-lethal personal safety device with smart technology.

Along with the flash light and military grade pepper spray you can also use the hand held device to hit an attacker. But the aspect of the DAD that stands out the most is the blue tooth technology which allows you to, with the touch a button, send out an "I am in danger" alert to family, friends along with anyone having the same app within a one mile radius.

The Defense Alert Device is compact at 5 inches in length and light, weighing just 4.6 ounces.

As for the price, the DAD will run you $129. Not necessarily bad for a multi-level smart technology personal protection tool.

For more information go to B8TA.COM.

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