A new self improvement tool available at Bibliotech

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SAN ANTONIO -- A new resource for self and business improvement is now available for free through Bibliotech, Bexar County's digital library.

You can find at under the E-books and Audio Books section.

It's an active learning device for people who are interested in the subjects but don’t have time to read for themselves. The summary will take the salient points and take them down to a 12 to 15 minute summary, according to Bibliotech staff.

The site's developer said it is different than Cliffsnotes in that it is based on research into how people learn, behave and act. And by focusing on the world's best business and personal development books, it is all about improvement.

A few of the titles, for example, are Negotiation Skills, Effective Coaching and Creativity.

Starting next month, on the second Thursday of every month, at 6:30pm there will be a workshop on how to turn this newly available knowledge from into action.

It will be held at the new Bibliotech location 1203 North Walters Street. The grand opening for that location is this Thursday.

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