Big advancements in motion capturing technology right here in San Antonio

The research and development is happening right here in San Antonio at the Southwest Research Institute. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Getting the most out of oneself involves a lot more than just intense training. Stamina and advanced scientific research can also help ensure you get the most out of your body. Now motion capturing technology to help make that happen is about to kick into high gear.

The research and development we are talking about is happening right here in San Antonio at the Southwest Research Institute. The technology, which has often been associated with people wearing skin tight suits with ping pong balls attached at most of the body’s joint, can help improve all kinds of human performance from high school and college athletes to special forces personnel in the military.

So what was once time consuming and most likely expensive, will be anything but. What involved a suit and a dozen or more ping pong balls and up to 36 cameras will now just require two cameras and some advanced technology.

What has been called “markered motion capturing” will become markerless motion capturing, or as the researchers at the Southwest Research Institute’s Human Performance Initiative call it “markerless biomechanical analysis” - developed using deep learning neuro networks and machine vision.

The next step is to take this technology out of the lab and onto the practice field.

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