At least 37 reasons San Antonio should be thankful and celebrating

Randy Beamer, News 4 San Antonio photo WOAI-TV

OK, this is one to share with those less fortunate souls who don't live in San Antonio or South Texas.

Though it might make them a little homesick if they've left here. And it could make others plan a trip to see you - like it or not.

But with Thanksgiving in mind, I started coming up with reasons to be thankful and celebrating living here.

And there are a whole bunch.

How many? Well, check out the video. I stopped counting around 37.

But I'm sure you can come up with more. I just ran out of time - and out of (bad) rhymes.

Apologies to Dr. Suess. Or Eminem. Or anyone with better words.

Much of the video and stills I shot over the last couple of years.

So enjoy. Then after you check out the video, post on my facebook page what you're thankful for - living in San Antonio and South Texas.

And Belated Happy Thanksgiving and Early Merry Christmas!

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