UTSA 'Fan Challenge': A work in progress

Recently our News 4 San Antonio Sports Director Don Harris threw down a kind of challenge to fans in San Antonio.

He showed viewers exactly how good UTSA's football team is this year - with a 3-0 record before Saturday, including a win against Baylor.

Then he challenged San Antonio fans (who have longed for their own quality football team) to show their support. And UTSA Coach Frank Wilson then took up the cause at a news conference last week.

So I took my cameras (still and video) to the Alamodome sidelines Saturday night for the UTSA game against Southern Miss, so I could see, hear and feel what it's like for the players on the sidelines.

I wanted to get an idea of what kind of support they're getting from the crowd.

And it's good. But with the dome half full (or you could argue half empty with a crowd of about 25,000) it could be better.

UTSA wound up losing, but it was close, 31-29, with a late rally falling just short. And it was a good game to watch. Hardcore UTSA fans might argue that a little more fan support could have made a difference.

Click on the video to take a look. I'll also be posting some stills I took on my facebook page at

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