T-shirt Mania! Selena y Los Spurs & 'Big Poppa' Popovich


I happened to spot a couple of t-shirts the other day that seemed about as 'puro San Antonio' as you can get.

They involved Selena, the Spurs, and Gregg Popovich.

And after posting some pics of them on social media, I found out a whole lot of people agreed - AND loved the shirts.

So I took my camera back to the special corner where I found the shirts - and wound up talking with some 'puro San Antonio' characters!

Check out the video to meet Douglas the inimitable T-shirt salesman and Jean the librarian.

Jean was a little worried the Selena y Los Spurs shirt would be a little 'too racy' for her to wear to work.

Find out what happened.

Then stop by his special corner and tell Douglas that Beamer says hello and #GoSpursGo!

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