Beamer shows you what to expect when visiting the 'Today Show' in NY

Click on the video link for a look at what to expect if you'd like to visit Rockefeller Plaza and watch the Today Show'live.

I was in New York City with my younger kids between Christmas and New Year's, so we checked out and had a great time.

And - since I always try to have some kind of camera with me - I used it to get some special insight and advice for you from insiders - the people who work there.

Their first and most important recommendation is:

- Go to and RSVP.

At the site, you'll get some information about exactly where to go and when, and what to bring (and not to bring).

And by filling out a few facts in that RSVP, you're basically giving them a heads-up that you (or you and your group) are planning to be there on a certain day.

If you want, you can also let them know a little bit about you and your group and why you're coming to New York, which could give you a much better shot at actually getting on camera and maybe even getting to say something special to the folks back home.

As two Today Show Associate Producers told me "We have fans that line up hours and hours before the show starts. And in the cold too, today was four degrees! It doesn't matter the weather, the season, there's still a lot of folks. not just one or two crazy groups, a ton of people that love the show."

So I asked for some other tips on what might increase your chances of being picked out of the crowd for a quick cameo.

- Get there early, because some of those clips are taped very early.

- Bring interesting signs.

- Have a unique story of why you're there.

"What gets you on TV?" I asked Associate Producer Kevin Schatell.

Creative signs and really unique stories. If you have some sweet reason you're coming to New York or unique traditions... Engagements are always good. That always helps.

The morning we were there, a couple who had just become engaged made the cut to be on TV.

Dave, you asked Sandy to marry you last night? And I said YES!

The quick clip was part of a montage of shout-outs that were taped well before sunrise, which aired later during the Today Show's first hour.

Hey Al, if you're watching, DILLEY DILLEY!
We're checking off a bucket list for...? My 70th birthday!

For most of the show, the hosts usually stay inside Studio One-A.

But since the studio is built as a kind of public showcase with floor-to-ceiling glass walls looking out on the plaza, the crowd can get a pretty good glimpse of what's going on inside.

Even if you're standing outside in the cold.

Then during the last part of 'Today' the hosts will come out into a cordoned off area of the plaza.

That's when you'll get a shot (though usually a long-shot) at being interviewed very briefly on live TV.

There are two people on the plaza who are extra cold this morning because they're from Scottsdale, Arizona. When is the last time you were this cold? Never!

This is also your best chance of actually showing up on national TV - however briefly or in the distance - during one of those sweeping crowd shots you see as they cut to - or return from - commercials.

On one of the coldest days of the year and this might be one of the biggest crowds I've seen! My goodness. They're so cold they're delirious.
First, these messages and your local news and weather.

Associate Producer Schattel exudes the kind of enthusiasm the ideal Today Show cameo will have as he relates a last bit of encouragement and advice.

We're excited to have whoever wants to come and join us and to see the anchors, Savannah, Hoda, Al. Come on, come join us. Come see it in person.
And you know, if you're a big Today Show fan, if you've watched the show for years and you've made a sign that lets us know that, we want to give back to the people that make the show possible.

So I recommend putting a visit to see the Today Show on your bucket list. Go to to find out more.

My kids and I also signed up online for the 'Tour at NBC Studios,' which was definitely worth it. Depending on what's actually being shot at the time, you may get to see studios that include Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

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