SA Women's Run spotlights historic fight for equality

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It's hard to believe that as recently as the early 1980's some 'experts' considered women too fragile to run more than a mile.

In fact, until 1984, the 1500 meters, also known as the metric mile, was the longest race for women in the Olympic Games. And it took dozens of what amounted to 'protest runs' to change that.

Saturday, more than 700 women and girls lined up for the 38th Annual San Antonio Women's Run, which started in 1980 as part of the nationwide push to get the Olympics to add distance races for women.

Click on the link to check out this year's event, put on every year since 1980 by the San Antonio Roadrunners.

In this unique event, men are the volunteers who help put on the race, while women get to 'enjoy' it.

I also want to send them a shout-out for allowing me to once again be a part of the awards presentation. Great to see women from eight to 81 encouraging each other to do their best, and remembering some of the women who made it possible.

Now is also a great time to start training for the fall/winter run/walks, like the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Marathon/Half Marathon, 10k/5k.

The SA Roadrunners have a training group which you can. Click here for more info.

I'll be posting more pics I took later this week on my facebook page. That's

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