SA Fire Chief on what it means to be part of SA's MLK march


San Antonio's Fire Chief Charles Hood walked the entire route of San Antonio's Martin Luther King Day march once again this year.

And at the end, as tens of thousands of people poured into Pittman Sullivan Park, he talked with us about what it meant.

This march is significant. I've been marching since I was a young child in Arizona when we did not have a holiday, so I've been marching my whole life. And to be an African-American man and a man in my position, it's a great honor.
There's a lot of diversity here in San Antonio. I've witnessed that walking down the street here, but this struggle is not over with in terms of equality and the things that Dr. King did that live through all of us and I'm very proud to say that from a race of people that were washed down the street with fire hoses, that as an African American man that I am in charge of those fire hoses now. But we still have a long way to go, so it means a lot.

Chief Hood also told us he was called upon to help with a medical emergency as he walked down MLK Drive, but the person is now fine.

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