Our San Antonio Christmas Card to you (and for you to share)

A very rare snowfall shocked San Antonio on December 7, 2017. Randy Beamer photo.

If you haven't been to downtown San Antonio in a while (or ever), I highly recommend playing tourist, taking your camera, and just enjoying all the cool stuff we locals so often take for granted.

Especially right now, because this is the most beautiful time of year in a beautiful, historic and very friendly city.

Check out the video and feel free to share it with those not fortunate enough to live here in South Texas.

Over the years I've also shot a whole bunch of photos downtown around Christmastime. You can check them out when you like my facebook page,

And from me and my family and from all of us here at News 4 San Antonio, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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