Our David Chancellor talks about having a melanoma removed

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First of all, I want to thank David Chancellor for allowing me to ask him - on camera - questions that I know so many people are asking - or will ask - when they find out he just underwent surgery to have a couple of growths removed.

He wrote about it eloquently on his facebook page.

And I wanted to let him speak directly to people to explain how he's doing, how he felt when he first heard the diagnosis, and his message now about sun exposure and sunscreen.

Please watch and share the video. He has a very important message.

First, this is what he had to say about how he's doing.

I'm doing fine. I had a melanoma removed from my neck and then one that was almost a melanoma from my back on Friday.

And he talked about how he felt when he first heard that word 'melanoma.'

I was scared as hell. You know, I've done a lot of research and freaked out and spent a lot of 2:00 am nights. You know, I'd be asleep and I'd wake up in the middle of the night or jump out of bed and go on my phone and google... 'survival rates' and those kinds of things.
Quite honestly, when people are like 'Hey, thoughts and prayers' that kind of freaks me out.
But you know, again, they... without getting into all the gory details of things, they think they got it... early. So...

David also has a very strong warning now about the sun and using sunscreen:

Sunscreen! You gotta wear sunscreen. You gotta wear hats. You gotta wear sleeves.

'But YOU'RE OK?' I asked again.

I'm gonna be fine.

David, we will hold you to that. And while that 'Thoughts and Prayers' line may make you feel awkward, tough.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you bigtime!

So get over it! And get over that other thing too.

Again, please go to David's facebook page to see his post on this.

And for the entire clip of him talking on camera to me about it, go to my facebook page.

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