'Elf Louise' going on 5 decades of helping SA kids at Christmas

Randy Beamer/sbg photo

Louise Locker was a student at Trinity University some five decades ago when she decided to give away her childhood dolls at Christmas.

Today 'Elf Louise,' as she's been dubbed by the media, can't believe how her little idea has grown into a huge community project, with thousands of volunteers and donors helping tens of thousands of less fortunate families every year.

Click on the video link to see her story. You can help by going to the Elf Louise Christmas Project home page http://elflouise.org/wp/

Especially at this time in our world, so often we can get jaded, cynical, depressed, despondent, like 'what can I do?' or 'what's happened to the world?' To me this is a beautiful testimonial to the goodness in people and what we can do when we all come together.
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