Make plans to celebrate new San Antonio landmark this weekend

Courtesy: San Antonio River Foundation

Everybody's invited. It's free and open to the public. We'd love for people to come out and see the park in action.

- Robert Amerman, Executive Director - San Antonio River Foundation

Yes, he said to see the new park 'in action.'

That's because the new San Antonio landmark called Confluence Park - which opens with a formal 'Grand Unveiling ceremony' Saturday beginning at 11 am - is more than just your average park.

It's an ecological education center, a showcase, and a kind of community center all rolled into the grounds of a beautiful, brand new park just south of downtown.

Confluence Park is named for its location at the confluence of the San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek, downstream from where Alazan, Apache, and Martinez Creeks feed into San Pedro Creek.

It's the latest public-private partnership made possible by the non-profit San Antonio River Foundation.

That's the same group which helped bring us massive improvements on stretches of River Walk we now call the Museum Reach and the Mission Reach.

The foundation's Executive Director, Richard Amerman, says the group has raised and re-invested some $37 million in these projects over the last 15 years.

Confluence Park is our dream ten years in the making.
As you all know, the river is the heart of San Antonio. So we've built a facility to help people understand that beautiful heart. And understand the stewardship and care of it overall.
And if we can get people to love something, then they're going to want to take care of it. And that's what this park is all about.

The official grand opening of the park was supposed to be back in January, but icy weather postponed the celebration.

This Saturday promises much better weather and - they hope - a big crowd to explore their new baby and better understand their mission.

We deliver programing through arts and culture, education, ecology, and recreation. And so this park is the first time that we now have a facility to really deliver on that so we're really excited about it and that's our future, really, is that broader scope.

Amerman also says the park's location on the South Side is important.

We have so many amazing things that have been happening lately in San Antonio. But to have this aspirational park show up in the South Side is a testament to... the foundation's commitment. ..
And to help people understand this is a gateway to the Mission Reach.
The Mission Reach is the largest ecological restoration zone in the country. And so this allows people to better engage it, better fall in love with it.
We just appreciate all the support that everyone's given. The city and the county and private partnerships, corporate sponsorships. That's what made this $13 million facility come to life.
This is a private amenity that has been built for the public.

Click here for more information. Hope to see you there.

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