Our City Our History: San Antonio's famous River Walk

    (SBG San Antonio photo)

    It's a San Antonio favorite that helps drive the tourism industry.

    In this week's "Our City Our History" our Robert Price gave us a look at the history behind The River Walk.

    While the history around the San Antonio River dates back hundreds of years it wasn't until the 20th century that the River Walk would come to fruition.

    The project broke ground in 1939 with local architect Robert Hugman. Over the next decade things came together.

    The Arneson River Theatre, the restoration of La Villita and new businesses along the river all contributed to the River Walk's success. It became a big draw for tourism and even those looking for a new place to call home.

    "This is a nice place to come and walk around./So much stuff to explore around here. There's like all sorts of stuff in every little nook & cranny. You just gotta go find it."

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