Our City, Our History: Becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site

(SBG San Antonio photo)

In 2015, the Old Spanish Missions officially became a UNESCO World Heritage site -- a huge milestone for San Antonio.

It took nearly a decade of work, but a panel of experts from 21 different countries unanimously agreed to grant the missions the honor of becoming a World Heritage site.

"Now you are on a world stage. You're up there with the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, with the Taj Mahal," Father David Garcia.

The missions include Concepcion, San Juan, San Jose, Espada and the Alamo.

"People want to see this World Heritage site here in Texas. I think that's a wonderful privilege, but also a responsibility that we have to make sure these places stay in good shape," Garcia said.

Even though the grounds of the parks are taken care of by the National Park Service, each mission -- aside from the Alamo -- is an active parish. The government does not fund the churches or the repairs needed.

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