Warrant says missing man may have been fed to pigs after stealing cocaine from drug dealer

    (Photo: NBC News Channel, WRAL)

    A Durham man who has been missing since January may have been killed and fed to some hogs as retribution for stealing cocaine from a local drug dealer, according to a new search warrant.

    Charleston Prentice Goodman, 26, was last seen on Jan. 28, when several people saw him arguing in the 800 block of East Woodcroft Parkway with a group of men, who then shoved him into a minivan and drove off.

    Police recently applied for a search warrant to obtain data off Goodman's cellphone from AT&T.

    Investigators stated in the application that someone saw Goodman's dead body in the back of a van two days later.

    A confidential informant told police that a drug dealer had evidence that Goodman had broken into his apartment and stole two bricks of cocaine, so the dealer hired a crew to kidnap him.

    The crew included a former friend of Goodman who had fallen out with him over a woman, according to a different informant.

    One informant told police that Goodman's body was wrapped in plastic bags and stored at an unknown location before the former friend could dump it, and the second said the body "is believed to have been fed to hogs," according to the search warrant application. The informant provided no other details.

    Anyone with information about Goodman is asked to call Durham police Investigator E. Ortiz at 919-560-4400, extension 29337, Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200 or the Durham Police Department’s main desk at 919-560-4427.

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