Texas named one of 'Grinchiest' states in country

    (Photo: CenturyLink)

    Bah humbug!

    Apparently Texas isn't much of a fan of Christmas.

    A recent online survey named Texas one of the "grinchiest" states in the country after the state placed 38th in the metric. CenturyLink broke down the data in 10 different categories, like Google searches for Christmas movies, Christmas music streaming and charitable giving to compile the rankings. Find the full methodology HERE.

    Here are the bottom 15 states in term of their love for Christmas:

    • 36. Louisiana
    • 37. Illinois
    • 38. Texas
    • 39. Montana
    • 40. Georgia
    • 41. New Mexico
    • 42. California
    • 43. Arizona
    • 44. Minnesota
    • 45. Nevada
    • 46. Michigan
    • 47. New Jersey
    • 48. Florida
    • 49. Hawaii
    • 50. Alaska

    Washington took the No. 1 overall spot for Christmas love, with South Dakota, Utah, Missouri and Maine filling out the rest of the top five, respectively.

    Click HERE to see the full Christmas report.

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