Reporter goes viral for reaction to Barry Trotz news in the middle of a Senate hearing

Reporter Kelly Cohen cannot believe Barry Trotz is gone. (Photo, CNN)

Reporter Kelly Cohen was all of us Monday when the news broke that Barry Trotz was resigning as coach of the Capitals.

After winning the team's first Stanley Cup and sending the nation's capital into a state of utter euphoria, most Capitals fans figured it was just a matter of time before he signed a contract extension. Instead, the team is looking for a new coach.

It was a move that left D.C. sports fans reeling. No matter where they were or what they were doing.

Cohen, who was covering a Senate Judiciary hearing for the Washington Examiner, sees the news and seemingly forgets that she is not only in the middle of a Senate hearing but that she is also live on camera. CNN cameras caught Cohen's absolute shock and disbelief as she publicly went through the emotional roller coaster all Capitals fans went through Monday. And it all transpired while Department of Justice Inspector Gen. Michael Horowitz was testifying on the FBI's investigation into Hilary Clinton's emails.

Cohen took to Twitter to share her reaction, only to discover that lots of people already knew.

Cohen followed that tweet up by saying she has "no regrets" about her viral moment though she did share a sweet text conversation with her mother who wanted to make sure that her daughter was not in trouble or that people were not making fun of her.

Given the enormity of the news, I do not think anyone can blame Cohen for her reaction. In fact, I would submit she showed a level of restraint compared to how other Capitals fans may have handled the news of Trotz's departure.

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