Pic of tamales with no filling making many foodies sad on social media

Tamales pic (Photo courtesy: Reddit user Figsnbacon)

SAN ANTONIO - While many people enjoyed the Christmas holiday by eating tamales, one San Antonian shared a photo of tamales that were less than filling.

That's because some of the tamales, which Reddit user 'Figsnbacon' says cost $15 a dozen, did not have any green chili pork filling, as requested.

A pic of the tamales, sliced up to show mostly masa, generated hundreds of comments on Reddit.

One commenter called the photo 'tragic,' while a few others theorized the tamales were 'elote' or corn tamales, which they weren't.

Figsnbacon tells us he bought the tamales after seeing positive reviews on the neighbor network site, Next Door. Still, he seems to have a good sense of humor about the situation.

"We have had a good laugh over this and my son even edited the pic and added various Christmas themed adornments to the logs of masa. It is absolutely hysterical."

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