People willing to give up alcohol, Netflix, social media for a year instead of guacamole

    (Photo: MGN Online)

    We know. It's an impossible question, but it's worth exploring anyway.

    What would you give up for a year instead of guacamole?

    For National Guacamole Day on Sept. 16, a survey of 2,000 people who love mashed avocados revealed that 42 percent would give up either alcohol or Netflix for a year instead of giving up guacamole. People would give up social media (17 percent), coffee (17 percent) and cheese (15 percent) in order to keep the tasty treat.

    Five percent of respondents said they would not be friends with someone if they didn't like guacamole. Now that's some legit guacamole love.

    See the full guacamole survey HERE and guacamole on.

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