Having the 'birds and bees' talk with your kids

    (Photo: MGN Online)

    The birds and the bees.

    It's the conversation every parent dreads.

    But there's a good chance the "right time" is right now.

    Experts said it's important kids get their first bits of information from their parents, not online or other kids. Doctor Joy Miceli, a pediatric psychologist, said the biggest mistake moms and dads can make is waiting too long to start that conversation.

    Miceli said by age 2 or 3 kids should know the proper names for their body parts not nicknames. Then by five years old Miceli said body safety should be introduced.

    Around nine years old, before puberty, Miceli said it's a good idea to have a conversation about sex and pregnancy.

    She said it's a good idea to provide information and then be quiet. Let your kids ask questions. There's no need to overshare.

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