Gingerbread Jones AT&T Stadium spreading holiday cheer

Gingerbread Jones Stadium took 150 hours to complete by local bakers Connie Burt and David Minkley. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Abby Aldrich)

Lubbock is known for many things, especially Texas Tech University and Jones AT&T Stadium on a fall Saturday, which is why two local bakers teamed up with Red Raider Outfitter to spread some holiday cheer - Texas Tech style.

Connie Burt, owner of The Prairie Mom and David Minkley, owner of Percy ST Bakery, are two Texas Tech graduates. For the second year, the two joined forces with Red Raider Outfitter, to design a gingerbread house of a famous Texas Tech structure for all customers, students, faculty and alumni to enjoy and spread holiday cheer.

"[Texas] Tech has such iconic buildings and architecture in of itself, but I think you know want to choose something that is instantly recognizable for people," said Minkley.

And the idea for Jones AT&T Stadium was born.

Burt tells ABC 7 News the entire structure took 25 pounds of flour, 40 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds of shortening and about 150 hours to complete.

Gingerbread Jones Stadium took four weeks to design and bake, according to Burt. The structure was then transferred to and built together at Red Raider Outfitter off of Slide Rd. in Lubbock. The two bakers said the wanted to re-create the major elements of the stadium.

"We poured stain glass windows in the windows of the building. We've got shadow boxes behind that have Christmas decorations in them. We've got LED lights that are in both the east and west towers, as well as one of the end zones. We have a photo display that rotates images of Texas Tech players and game images. There's really a lot to take in and see from every angle," Minkley said.

Katie Hartman, lead buyer at Red Raider Outfitter, said the gingerbread structure has been attracting many people, all wanting to come take pictures and see for themselves. She tells ABC 7 News some customers have even came to the store to take their Christmas pictures in front of it.

"The working jumbotron has been something that is really cool this year and just all of the little parts," Hartman said. "I mean, if you start looking at all the little details of the building, it's pretty amazing."

The game featured on the scoreboard is the score from when Texas Tech played the University of Texas on Nov. 24, where Texas Tech won 27-23.

"I thought that it was probably the most memorable moment of the year, certainly the most important game that we won this year," Burt said. "So even though the game wasn't played in the Tech stadium, we thought it was fitting to remember the score there."

Minkley said the challenging part was sculpting the gingerbread to make the shape of the stadium round.

"We worked out a system where we baked the gingerbread and we worked really quickly to mold it around the curves of the building, so we were kind of able to shape the gingerbread while it was still warm and as it cooled down, it became more rigid," Minkley said.

Burt tells ABC 7 News that the best part of Gingerbread Jones Stadium is bringing back memories for the entire Red Raider family.

"Or makes people think back to when they went to Tech," Burt said. "Cause I know even to me, even kids were saying, 'Well when we went to a game, we sat right there!' and they would point to where they were in the stands [on Gingerbread Jones Stadium]. I think we hope it generates a little bit of nostalgia for people that have graduated from there and maybe a little bit of inspiration for people that are there now - to be proud of where they come from."

Gingerbread Jones Stadium will be available to see at Red Raider Outfitter off of Slide Rd. up until Jan. 1.

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