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Toddler buys almost $2,000 of furniture from Walmart

CNN Newsource
CNN Newsource
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NEW JERSEY - A new jersey toddler isn't even two years old and already he's become famous as a champion shopper.

His parents were dumbfounded when box after box began arriving on their doorstep.

He's like a little king on his throne, a throne of boxed furniture he somehow managed to order from Walmart totaling $1,786.

“My wife was thinking that I did it, but I was thinking that she did it,” said shopping toddlers dad, Pramod Kumar.

It turns out, the toddler did it.

His mom had placed a dozen or so chairs in her Walmart shopping cart, intending to pick out a couple later.

But 22-month old Ayaansh Kumar ordered everything using his mom's phone.

People are coming with boxes, large boxes, dropping, one box came, two boxes came,” Kumar said.

Now there's a giant pile of boxes at their Monmouth junction, New Jersey home unopened because they hope to return most of it.

Walmart seems willing.

“The customer service person she was laughing so much. Oh my god,” said the toddler’s mother, Madhu Kumar.

But they won't return everything.

“So, we are thinking of keeping a few items as a memory,” said the dad.

The Kumars removed their debit card from the account so Ayaansh can't do any more damage.

As for the $1786

They're even letting the neighbors know that this is the home of the "World famous New Jersey toddler and little Rockstar."

When someday their son hears "attention Walmart shoppers,” that means you, kid.

Perhaps the youngest Walmart shopper.

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