Teen creates door-locking device for extra safety in active shooter situations

(WCCO via CNN Newsource)

A teenager in western Wisconsin has built a device that could save lives if a shooter ever targets his school.

Justin Rivard is a senior at Somerset High School and came up with the idea after noticing a potential flaw in his school's emergency response plan.

“The main problem was all these, all these kids in a building who have nothing but a door to keep them safe,” Justin said.

During a drill in his homeroom class, Justin and his classmates used a heavy table to barricade the door, which has a lock. But if an intruder somehow disabled it, the door was easily pushed open even with a table.

“That's where I thought, you know, what this is something that I need to go after. This was something that was kind of made for me to do,” he said.

Justin put on his thinking cap and got to work.

"It was kind of hard at first but once I kind of got onto one part, then it was like okay that makes sense," he said.

It starts with two steel plates cut to a specific shape. Handles are welded to them, then a rod and tube are welded on to connect the end plates. Finally, a locking knob is added. Then, you have device named "justinkase." And because the plates are locked into the door jams, they prevent the door from being opened even with immense pressure.

The device retails for $95, but to the young welding-enthusiast turned entrepreneur, the safety of students and staff is priceless.

"What kind of insurance are you gonna get for a student's life? This is the insurance right here," he said.

Justin is in the process of building 50 more justinkase devices for Somerset Middle School. The Grantsburg School District also ordered 100 devices.

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