Student impales himself with pencil

8-year-old Kolsten Moradi needed medical attention after impaling himself with a pencil. (CNN Newsource)

WELLINGTON, Florida - It was close to the end of another school day at Equestrian Trails Elementary.

Hundreds of students prepared to be dismissed, but this day turned out to be far from typical, all because of a wooden pencil that was just sharpened.

"It was kind of like a little pinch," said Kolsten Moradi, a student injured by the pencil.

Eight-year-old Moradi did not think much about it.

"I put it in my backpack and remember we were going to the dismissal room and when I sat down, it hit my artery," Moradi said.

That's right. The pencil punctured his artery on his arm. Moradi removed it and blood rushed out.

He told a teacher.

"I saw Kolsten was there," said Mandi Kapopoulus, a teacher. "He was holding his arm."

So Kapopoulus got right to work.

"I pulled my arm out of my sleeve and I used my sleeve to wrap around his arm as tight as I could to hopefully stop the bleeding," said Kapopoulus.

Teacher Elizabeth Richard helped too.

"You could kind of hear the commotion," Richards said. "I was only about 20 feet away."

They laid him down and elevated his arm.

"It was shocking to come upon the amount of blood the child had lost in such a quick amount of time," Richards said. "We got to him and stopped the bleeding in his arm by applying pressure with my hands."

Kolsten's mother, Annarisa, was waiting in the parent loop when her phone rang.

"Everything just stopped," Annarisa said.

She was asked to come inside.

"And I turned the corner and that's when I see Kolsten laying on the ground," Annarisa.

The teachers continued to apply pressure until paramedics arrived.

Kolsten, who remained calm the entire time, was taken to the hospital.

Paramedics said the pencil would have killed him if they hadn't stopped the bleeding.

"It feels great to know that he's here and his family is grateful," Kapopoulos said.

Kolsten was back in school the next day with several staples in his arm, ready to go on a field trip.

He also had something to say to the teachers who came to the rescue.

"Thank you for saving my life," Kolsten said.

"You can't say thank you enough to someone that saved your child's life," Annarisa said. "There's just no words that I could ever say to these two ladies, or the principal, or anyone at the school who had their hand in making sure this all went so well."

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